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A few years ago, me and some friends went camping in France and booked the cheapest mimum capmsite facilities to make more money for food and drink. We took pornsite the ferry and trvaelled coupling, so that more money is saved and when we arrived at camp we manaed to our tents to throw a little help from a group of Germans who share their food and we were soon all crazy cheap French wine, and then the next few hours a strawberry, and I remember getting up at 11 00 with a huge headache and staggered out of the store and saw pornsite that it was the only one awake pornsite in my group, so I took a towel and went to the shower and I could see, took 3 showers, so I went and got the last of the old door and turns in the shower and soaped me all over my body and felt my cock hard and then I heard a knock on the door and leaned Pieter on the door and asked if I could share my shower and before that all he said was droped his towel and soap beagn your body and my eyeslooked CCK, which was covered with hair, and had two huge balls, as he had showered, I tried to look away, but then put his hands on my chest and said he should keep each other clean and I froze as I moved foam and fell to his knees and rubbed around my penis and testicles and masturbated a few times and congratulated me on my cock and then whenhe was over, hands in the air and said it was his turn and I fell to my knees and rub his penis and testicles and squeezed, and he responded beign my face with his erect penis and told me to suck, and I opened my mouth and left him to face fuck me and I felt dizzy, as his balls hit his chin, which quickly accelerated, and I knew it would come pornsite soon so that I was moving, but he forced me to stay there and I have nbang sucking in my mouth and the taste was strange, but not too bad and I did my best and in their eyes. I looked up and gave me a kiss on the lips and said we can have more fun if I like and I nod and said he would do next time. Nothing happened for a few days until pornsite Wednesday, when a trip was organized for the local beach sucking, but I have an excuse for not so good to be left behind and was in my store with a shop of my own desire to Pieter was there to be with the game, and only then open the store and went Pieter says, he turned to some cockfun and pulled my shorts on my tail and is free sucked long and hard until he was caught up in the air and then stole some KY Jelly Fron shirt and rubbed it up the ass and then said he wanted me to fuck him hard and long, well behind him and rubbed on my cock and down in the hole before edge in slwoly slowly, and he asked me while masturbating his cock soon started a pumping motion and loved it slides right into him as his hole was larger, and if anyone had seen us, we have seen fuck like some dirty dogs, and m saidand to shoot, and I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled over sticky substance on my ass and we were huddled in aheap and other eacth, sleeping well and was awakened by the noise from motorcycles and quickly managed to achieve our short and Terry pked one through the door of the shop and asked if they were good and yes ilook Pieter and laughed and said yes. I've always had the opportunity in France or Germany, I pornsite always try to find a few Germans, because they are so well preserved in pornsite the bed.
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